An Interaction Program on “Agriculture Sector Development and the Roles of Public and Private Sector”

(30 September 2018, Biratnagar): An interaction program for stakeholders involved in the agriculture sector in State 1 was jointly organized today in Biratnagar by the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry State 1, (FNCCI S1) and Sahaj project. Sahaj is the bilateral program of Government of Nepal and the Government of Switzerland.  Objective of the program was to establish a platform for dialogue among the stakeholders on the scope for agriculture sector development in the State 1.

Government of State 1 has prioritized agriculture as priority sector in its policy and program documents. The program was therefore organized to understand and interact about the evolving policies and programs in the agricultural sector of the Federal and State governments. To operationalise the policies and plans; strategic partnership among government, private sector and cooperatives is imperative.

State legislatures, elected representatives from municipalities, government authorities and representatives of private sector and commercial farmers actively participated in the program.

The Chief Guest for the event, Honourable Chief Minister Sher Dhan Rai emphasized that agriculture is the priority sector for provincial economic growth. The event organized among the public and private actors is important to operationalize the priorities of the government.

The Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, Dr. Yubak Dhoj G.C. remarked that agriculture needs to be made more commercial, modernized and self-sustainable. He emphasized that public private partnership is crucial for agriculture commercialization.  

While addressing the event, the Vice-President of FNCCI, Kishor Pradhan, stated, “It is the high time to review and evaluate why the agricultural sector has not performed.” He also emphasized the importance of land use policy to facilitate commercial agriculture.

The Ambassador of Switzerland to Nepal, H.E. Elisabeth von Capeller stated that this program has shown the potential of agriculture for employment and income. She stated, “I am impressed with the motivation of public and private actors and identified entry points for the private sector to contribute to economic growth. State 1 is in advanced stage in promoting commercial agriculture. SDC is open to continue support collaboration between public and private sector and particularly in State 1.”